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Welcome to the Medication Information Page!  

 ***Please make sure to let Dr. Bikoff or Dr. Schnapper know at your office visit if you need refills of your

medication.  Obtaining a prescription before you leave the office will ensure that you have sufficent medication

to meet your needs.   Thank you!***

Please allow 24-
72 hours to process your prescription refill requests. 

If you pick up your prescription from a pharmacy, please call your pharmacy and have them fax us a prescription refill. Please call your Pharmacy to first

to see if the prescription has been filled.


For those needing to pick up the prescription order from our office, allow at least one week for this to be completed, as our doctors are only in specific offices for a certain period of time. 

Patients on long-term medications must be seen every 6 months. 

Patients who are on controlled/long-term medications must be seen every 6 months in order to be given a refill on medications. 


All regular patients must be seen every 6 months to be given a refill on medications. 


Failure to abide by these policies could result in dismissal of service from the practice. 

Prior authorizations for medications may require fee prior to completion. 

The fee is determined based on complexity of prior authorization. If you have questions on this, please discuss at the time of document completion.  


Please note: prior authorization does not guarantee of coverage or completion of medication request. 


**Does not apply to Medicare patients**

Multiple calls for medication refill will delay prescription process.

If you have called your pharmacy, please do not call our office to verify your request. We assure you it is being processed. 


If you have not heard from our office after the 72 hour time period, you may give us a call to check on your medication. 


Please note: many presciptions must require doctor's approval; therefore, it might take longer to process the request. Please know that we will accomodate you as quickly as possible. 



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